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Wherever you may be in your career development, whether you feel the need to make a career change, want help with career planning, need career counseling or career coaching speak with Gail to complete the Highlands Ability Battery.

When you know the range of your abilities, you are better able to use them in your life and career and in your relations with others, including your fellow workers. Also, you are better able to integrate your abilities into the other factors that affect and influence your life and career.

Highlands has identified Seven Critical Career Factors in addition to innate abilities. They are a person’s skills, interests, values, goals, personal style, family history, and position in the Career Development Cycle.
Gail is a coach that recognizes what you need and helps to guide you where you want to go, even when you may not see what it is you need or what yourdestination is at the beginning. She hears what you say (and don’t say) and then helps you to recognize the patterns in your words and actions so that you can move beyond your current situation. The gentle nudging and affirmations of progress really helped me to take credit for the progress I made. Gail really had a gift in helping me to see my strengths, utilize my strengths and reach my desired destination that I couldn’t visualize at the beginning. I highly recommend her!-Tracy P.

Career Development Cycle


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Analyzing your skills. Skills are developed and learned; Abilities are congenital. Skills are those function-driven tasks an individual has learned to do well. They develop over time through study, education, application and practice. To the extent an individual takes advantage of her innate abilities in developing a skill, the skill will be acquired more quickly, easily and fully and will facilitate career development.


Knowing Your Interests. Over the years, a person develops interests unique to her. When these are identified and recognized, the individual can be helped to combine these with her abilities to achieve a fuller and more integrated use of both in her career development.

Personal Style

Understanding Your Personal Style. Every individual has developed speech patterns, body language, social devices, and personality traits unique to her. Because other individuals respond either more or less favorably to a person's personal style, it's important to identify its ingredients in each individual to enable that individual to relate better to other people..


Reliving Your Family History. An individual’s background and family shape her life and her work ethic. We encourage each individual to examine and to understand how her family's history and her intra-family relationships have influenced her..


Relating to Your Values. An individual’s values (i.e., her scales for judging good and evil, wise and foolish, moral and immoral) define her reaction to people and events around her.


Reaching Your Goals. Every person has goals which control and drive her activities, both every day and over the foreseeable future. The individual may wish to modify these goals in light of her innate abilities.

Career Development Cycle

Your Career Development Cycle. Each individual confronts critical stages or transitions (Turning Points) in his or her life. Some of these are work- or career
-related. These career issues are sometimes self-created and sometimes caused by external forces (e.g., company downsizing).

Whole Person Technology

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