Behind every successful athlete is an effective coach. Give yourself the same home team advantage with a one on one coaching relationship. Coaching is a powerful avenue to excellence like no other, offering you consistent customized support to reach your goals and live your dreams.


Still trying to Figure out WHO to BE when you Grow Up?

Join the Club!


  • Did you know that less than 50% of adults feel they have clear career direction?

  • More than 80% of American workers are dissatisfied in their jobs.

Most people spend more time planning their Vacation than their Career!


Don’t Let that Be You!!



In our current economy, it is more important than ever to maximize your resources.


Invest in YOURSELF and your people. Identifying natural abilities, skills and interests, allows individuals and organizations to customize career paths that will maximize human resource potential. Explore values and goals in the context of predictable career progression in order to work less and enjoy more!




Gail has facilitated numerous workshops/trainings for the Training Center and our evaluations are proof of the quality training! She is insightful, enthusiastic and facilitates the types of interaction and networking our customers look forward to on training day.-.Robbin Broome
Engaging.          Enlightening.          FUN

Kick off your event with an engaging, interactive experience, custom designed to inspire and ignite your audience to immecdate effective action.

The Art of Encouragement and Healing Power of Humor

Engaging Excellence:  Bringing out the BEST in Everyone!

Life is Good, LIVING is Better!


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Personal Visioning Course:  suitable to all audiences
  8 week online course taken at your own pace
  Strongly suggested to be a supplement to the Highlands Ability 

Engaging Excellence written by Missy (Gail) Carswell

Engaging Excellence offers practical principles, powerful insight and immediate action for
bringing out the best in yourself and others every day.
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Missy (Gail) Carswell, MS, LPC

Missy (Gail) Carswell, MS, LPC, is a creative catalyst committed to bringing out the best in individuals and organizations. Grounded in over two decades of experience as a Counselor, Facilitator, Speaker, Author and Coach, Gail brings learning to life by making hard things simple and connecting Relationships to Results. Her unique ability to illuminate insight and inspire immediate action is unparalleled.

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PHONE:  919-219-2666
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