The HIGHLANDS ABILITY BATTERY for Students, Adults, Leaders, Corporations
The Career Assessment Tool is for Everyone
Highlands has helped thousands of workers and students to match their career and educational choices to their unique strengths in communication and learning, as well as to their personal styles. The Highlands Ability Battery provides the insights needed by counselors, coaches, and other career professionals to help individuals formulate their career assessment and career plans.

The Battery consists of 19 worksamples and is between 2 1/2 to 3 hours taken online in a quite setting.

The following are the names of the worksamples.

Generalist / Specialist (oral)
Generalist / Specialist (written))
Introvert / Extrovert
Time Frame
Concept Organization
Idea Productivity
Spatial Relations Theory
Spatial Relations Visualization
Design Memory
Verbal Memory
Tonal Memory
Rhythm Memory
Pitch Discrimination
Number Memory
Visual Speed and Accuracy
STUDENTS use the Battery to make clear decisions on college majors and schools. 

The Highlands Ability Battery is a three-hour online assessment taken on a desktop or laptop. 

The Battery helps identify your unique and natural abilities and assist you in determining how you learn, solve problems, and view the world. When you finish the Battery, you will get two reports, one report of your core abilities, including a bar chart showing your scores as percentiles.

The second report is a Career Supplement that links your abilities to careers with descriptions and projected salaries.

When older high school students, college students, and recent graduates work with Gail they are given a set of tools that help them understand how they are hardwired and where they may thrive in school and career. These young adults can see what they are truly good at and help them decide on college majors, first jobs, and to overcome school or job “option overload.”

ADULTS use the Battery when making a career change, or seeking employment.

The HAB results apply to every stage of life. The results never expire either. The career assessment reveals natural talents, which allows you to see the work world through new eyes. Those who may feel “stuck” in a job, can find new, exciting ways to approach their current position or feel equipped to explore new jobs. It’s about self-discovery and job happiness.

LEADERS use the Battery to link your abilities to other factors that influence your career.

Gail has even more to offer business leader clients or employees. As always, the HAB for leaders uncovers natural abilities, but also how one interacts with others, makes
decisions, and, in a word, leads. It’s a truly transformational tool for any business owner, manager, or c-level professional.

CORPORATIONS use the Battery to link your abilities to other factors that influence your career.

As a component of a professional team building program, training curriculum, hiring package, or even a special program for organizations undergoing downsizing, the Highlands Whole Person Method is customizable to meet the unique situation of any organization. Consultant training includes guidelines for both individual and group feedback sessions.


Student Sample Report          Student Career Report

Adult Sample Report          Adult Career Report
“Gail has proved to be an excellent coach as she pushed me to focus on what I have accomplished and how I can accomplish more with the skills I have. Further, Gail has provided insight on what skills are natural to me, allowing me to pinpoint how best to move forward in areas I will enjoy. Finally, Gail always provided challenges to keep me well rounded and not hyper focusing on one part of my life.” Top qualities: Personable , High Integrity , Creative -Matthew Moyer

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Personal Visioning Course:  suitable to all audiences
  8 week online course taken at your own pace
  Strongly suggested to be a supplement to the Highlands Ability 

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